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Shooting landscapes and flowers with a Cyber-shot camera.

    In the camera settings, switch the SteadyShot setting to On.


    • When using a tripod, switch the SteadyShot setting to Off to prevent the SteadyShot™ function from reacting when not needed.
    • Set the self timer to 2sec when using a tripod to prevent blurring when pressing the Shutter button.

    Shooting modes to use:

    Landscape in SCN (Scene Selection) is recommended for shooting nature scenes during the day. The Landscape scene select option lets you shoot in bright and clear colors from foreground to background.

    Choosing the composition:

    Lighting direction:
    Be aware of the position of the sun when shooting landscapes (scenery). The impression that the photograph portrays will differ depending on how light strikes the subject (direct light, side light, backlight).


    1. Shooting with direct light.
    2. Shooting with side light.
    3. Shooting with backlight.


    • Direct light is when light strikes the subject from the front with the sun behind the photographer. This lets you take vivid and natural photographs close to how the actual situation is seen by the eye, but they tend to be plain photographs with no feel of depth.
    • Side light is when light strikes the subject from the side or at an angle. This creates shadows, allowing photographs with scenery have a sense of depth.
    • Backlight is when light strikes the subject from behind with the photographer facing the sun. This lets you take photographs of leaves where light is seen through them almost as if they were lit up.
    Taking pictures from a different viewpoint:

    When shooting flowers by the roadside, do you often end up shooting from above like when trying to capture the place in the red box below?


    Photos from above are not bad, but trying something new such as shooting close up or changing the angle you shoot from will give you shots like never before.


    Taking pictures with different camera settings:

    Blurring the background:

    Using the Background Defocus function adds more blur to the background.

    NOTE: Some camera models are not equipped with the Background Defocus function.

    Changing the white balance lets you shoot with different color tones. You cannot change the white balance in shooting modes such as Scene Selection or Intelligent Auto, so switch the shooting mode to P (Program Auto).