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Can't Switch the Connection to Another Audio Device When Using the Music Center (SongPal) App on My Apple Device

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To resolve this issue, turn off the Bluetooth® function on the following Apple® iOS® device and then turn it back on:

  • iPhone® mobile device
  • iPad® mobile digital device
  • iPod® portable player

IMPORTANT: Make sure to install the latest software update on your audio device in order to use Music Center (SongPal™) app.

  1. On the HOME screen, tap the Settings menu.

    Settings on iOS

  2. Under the Settings menu, tap Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth on iOS

  3. Set the Bluetooth to Off.
  4. Set the Bluetooth to On.
  5. Tap the device name that you want to connect to.

    iOS Bluetooth Items

  6. Open the Music Center (SongPal) app to see the connected audio device.

    Connected Audio Device in Music Center

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