Article ID : 00092550 / Last Modified : 08/15/2019

Error: This HDMI port is not compatible with your device. Please connect the 4K Media Player to HDMI2 appears when setting up the 4K media player.

    This article is designed to assist when the following error appears on the screen of the Sony® 4K TV or 4K projector after connecting the FMP-X10 4K media player.
    Wrong HDMI error

    Make sure of the following if the above error appears:

    • Connecting the Sony 4K media player to a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV is recommended and supported. However, the FMP-X10 will work with other HDCP 2.2 compliant 4K Ultra HD Televisions .
    • Make sure you are using a Sony 4K projector.
    • Confirm compatibility of your Sony 4K Ultra HD TV with the 4K Ultra HD media player.
    • Make sure that the appropriate HDMI® input on the 4K TV is being used.
      • If using the XBR-xxX900A or the XBR-xxX850A model 4K Ultra HD TV, the 4K media player must be connected to the HDMI 4 input on the TV. This does not include the XBR-84X900A.
      • For other BRAVIA® series or 4K projectors, connect to the 4K media player to the HDMI IN 2 input on the TV. This includes the XBR-84X900A.
    • If you are connecting the 4K media player to a audio receiver or home theater system and then to the TV, make sure that the HDMI input on the audio device supports the HDCP2.2 protocol.
      NOTE: Information regarding the HDCP2.2 and other HDMI standards is available at