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Where is the NFC antenna and mark located on my camera?

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If your camera supports files transfers using the NFC™ function, the location of the antenna will be indicated with the following mark:


The location of the NFC antenna is different depending on the camera model.  This is due to the design of the camera and where the NFC module is best located in each camera body.

Here are some examples of where the mark can be located.  Check the instruction manual supplied with your camera to determine if NFC is supported and for the specific location of the NFC mark. Manuals are posted on your model support page.


NFC mark ILCE-5000/6000

ILCE-5000 / 6000


NFC mark DSC-HX400



NFC mark DSC-W200/350

DSC-WX220 / 350


NFC mark DSC-HX60



NFC mark ILCE-7/7R

ILCE-7 / 7R


NFC location for DSC-QX10/100

DSC-QX10 / 100