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Scan for Digital Channels on Your TV

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Follow the steps below according to your TV type to scan for digital channels if your TV doesn't automatically receive new broadcast services.

  • Android TV™ Models
    1. On the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings or the Gear icon icon.
    3. Under TV, select Channels.
    4. Select Channel setup.
    5. Select Cable/Antenna.
    6. Select Signal type.
    7. Select Antenna.
    8. Select Add digital channel.
    9. Select YES.
  • 2014 Models
    1. Press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Digital Set-up.
    4. Select Digital Auto Tuning.
    5. Select Yes.
  • Other LCD TVs
    1. Press the HOME button.
    2. UnderSettings, select Preferences.
    3. Select Channel.
    4. Select Signal Type.
    5. Select Antenna.
    6. Select Add Digital Channels.
    7. Select OK.

Note: Check your TV manual if you need model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

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