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Reconnect Bluetooth Connection to My Digital Paper Using a Computer with Mac OS X

    Follow these steps to reconnect your DPT-RP1 Digital Paper to your computer with an Apple® Mac OS X® operating system when the Bluetooth® connection drops.

    Note: If it's the first time connecting your Digital Paper to your computer, use a USB cable to connect the devices.

    1. On your computer, click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.
    2. Click DPT-RP1_XXXXXXX.
    3. Click Connect to Network.

      Connect to Network

    4. On your Digital Paper, make sure that the Bluetooth icon at the top of your screen becomes solid black.
    5. On your computer, if the Digital Paper App doesn't automatically connect, close the app and then reopen it.
    6. If the app still doesn't connect:
      1. On your computer, open the Digital Paper App.
      2. Click Settings.
      3. Click Re-pair with Digital Paper.
      4. Select your Digital Paper under Device ID.
      5. Follow the on-screen instructions.