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Insert or Remove the SIM Card from aibo

    Follow these steps to insert or remove the SIM card from your aibo™ robotic companion:

    1. On the back of aibo's neck, press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn it off.

      aibo power button

    2. Place aibo on its back on a flat surface, such as the floor.
    3. Push the lid on the torso and remove it when it pops up.

      aibo remove torso's lid

      • After removing the torso's lid, you can see the SIM card slot.
    4. Pull out the tray using your fingertips.

      aibo SIM card slot

    5. Insert or remove the SIM card from the tray.


    • Don't apply too much force when inserting the SIM card tray back to the SIM card slot to avoid damaging the SIM card or the tray.
    • Insert the SIM card tray as straight as possible back to the SIM card slot.

      insert SIM card tray 1

      insert SIM card tray 2

    • Don't insert the SIM card tray at an angle.

      don't insert SIM card tray diagonally

    • Make sure that the SIM card's gold contact is facing up and align the SIM card's notch to the notch printed on the tray.

      aibo SIM card's notch

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