Article ID : 00204547 / Last Modified : 10/22/2020

The mobile network LED on aibo flashes in orange or stays unlit

    The mobile network LED indicates the state of the connection between your aibo™ robotic companion and your mobile network.

    aibo mobile network LED location

    Mobile network LED flashes in orange

    This indicates that aibo can't connect to the mobile network. Check the mobile network connection after you perform each step.

    1. Check if the environment is suitable to receive an LTE signal.
      • Move and play with aibo somewhere it can easily reach a signal.
    2. Make sure the SIM card is properly inserted into the SIM card slot.
    3. Check the status of the SIM contract through the My aibo app on your smartphone or computer.
      • Using your smartphone:
        1. Launch the My aibo app.
        2. Tap My aibo.
        3. Tap Contract.
      • Using your computer:

        1. Launch the My aibo app.
        2. Under the tab menu, select Settings.
        3. Select Contract.

    Mobile network LED stays unlit

    This indicates that the access to the mobile network is turned off. Follow these steps to turn it on:

    1. Place aibo on its back on a flat surface.
    2. Push the lid on the torso and remove the lid when it pops up.

      aibo lid cover

    3. Set the network switch to option 2.

      aibo network switch

      • Option 2 turns on both the Wi-Fi® and the mobile network functions.
      • Option 1 turns on the Wi-Fi function only.
      • Option OFF turns off both the Wi-Fi and the mobile network functions.