Article ID : 00204325 / Last Modified : 11/29/2018

aibo Immediately Falls Asleep

    The following symptoms may occur with your aibo™ robotic companion when the built-in battery is low or a foreign object is between aibo's joints:

    • After you turn on aibo, it doesn't move immediately.
    • aibo crouches within one minute after it starts to move.
    • aibo barks "Arf! Arf!" twice, then it falls asleep.


    Check if the condition improves after completing each step.

    1. Check the status LED on the back of aibo's neck to confirm the status of the built-in battery.

      status LED

    2. If the status LED flashes in any of the following cases, charge the built-in battery of aibo.
      • If the status LED flashes in red three times, then aibo turns off, the battery is empty.
      • If the status LED flashes in green, the battery power is low.
    3. Remove any foreign objects, such as stickers or dust, that may be caught between any of aibo's joints.
    4. If applicable, remove any clothes or shoes because it may get caught in aibo's movable parts.
    5. Place aibo on its back on a flat surface with with its paws all pointing straight ahead.
      • aibo can't wake up or get up if its paws are crossed, pointing sideways, or backwards.
    6. Bring aibo somewhere bright because it falls asleep in dark places.
    7. If aibo crouches, this indicates a rise in its temperature. If this occurs, perform the following:
      1. Press and hold the power button to turn it off.

        power button

        • If you turn off aibo while it's on, it finishes its current action and the LED flashes in green, and then goes out to indicate that the power is off.
        • If you turn off aibo while it's in sleep mode, the red status LED goes out to indicate that the power if off.
      2. Make sure that the status LED is unlit, then wait for about ten minutes to cool down aibo's temperature.
        • Make sure to place aibo in a cool environment while performing this step.
      3. Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn on aibo.
        • Don't press the power button again until aibo starts to move.

    If the issue still occurs, contact the Customer Support for further assistance.