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aibo Doesn't Turn On

    If your aibo™ robotic companion doesn't turn on or the status LED doesn't light in green, follow these steps to charge aibo and check if it improves aibo's condition:

    1. Set up the charging station.
      1. Place the charging stand on the charging mat.
      2. Slide the charging stand in the direction of the arrow until it clicks into place.
      3. Connect the AC adapter to the supply terminal on the charging mat.
      4. Plug the AC adapter to the working wall outlet using a power cord.
    2. Place aibo on the charging station with its paws facing forward. 
      • Make sure to align the charging pins with the charge connectors.

        Charging station and contact pins

    3. Check the status LED
      • Status LED lights in orange

      • Status LED doesn't light in orange

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