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Do I Need to Turn off aibo When I Go Out?

    If you leave for a short period of time (such as to go shopping), there's no need to turn off your aibo™ robotic companion. However, to avoid situations where aibo could bump into something or fall on the floor, we recommend to put it in sleep mode. To put aibo into sleep mode, briefly press the power button on the back of its neck.

    aibo's power button and indicator image

    • After aibo finishes its current action, the status LED flashes in green, and then stays lit in red to indicate that aibo is in sleep mode.
    • During sleep mode, aibo's movements and voice stop, and its eyes turn off.
    • If you want to wake up aibo, briefly press the power button again.
      • aibo immediately wakes up and starts to move.

    Note: If you leave aibo for a long period of time (such as to travel or a business trip), we recommend to turn off aibo and keep it in a place without direct sunlight and where the temperature isn't too high or low.