Article ID : 00246790 / Last Modified : 09/24/2020

What type of content (movies, games, platform, or apps) is compatible with 21:9 aspect ratio?

    Valid for

    • Xperia® 1 II
    • Xperia  10 II
    • Xperia  L4
    • Xperia  1
    • Xperia  5
    • Xperia  10
    • Xperia  10 Plus 


    Below is the compatibility criteria to see the content e. g. Applications, Movies, Games, Platform in 21:9 aspect ratio.

    1. The compatibility begins with applications fitted to 21:9 screen.  As per the guidance from Google, all applications released on Google™ Platform must support 21:9 aspect ratio. 
    2.  The content created begins to support 21:9, 16:9 aspect ratio. Major service providers such as Netflix®, Amazon Prime™ and YouTube™ already have a lot of 21:9 compatible contents available. Depending on the application,  even if you play 16:9 contents, you can zoom-in to fit into 21:9 screen.