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How does the 4K display work in my Xperia ?


    Xperia® Phones' display resolution

    The Xperia phones conform to the Sony 4K definition of 3,840 horizontal pixels (in landscape orientation). With a 21:9 aspect ratio, this results in a 3,840 x 1,644 pixel resolution.

    Watching 4K video in 21:9 aspect ratio

    The Xperia phones let you enjoy 21:9 aspect ratio content, edge-to-edge, and without letterboxing. This is optimal for movies created in 21:9 format and available in 4K resolution.

    Playing back recorded 4K video in 21:9 aspect ratio

    You can record 21:9 4K video using Cinema Pro and play it back in true 4K quality on your Xperia phones.

    Watching non-4K content

    • Xperia phones use advanced upscaling technology to display non-4K content, enhancing contrast, color, and clarity.

    Watching content in 16:9 aspect ratio

    • On your Xperia phone, content with 16:9 aspect ratio is, by default, displayed with pillarboxing. You can also zoom in to fill the screen, with top and bottom cropping as a result.