Article ID : 00261879 / Last Modified : 06/21/2021

Brightness and color tone are not captured correctly in the image

    Before you start

    Make sure you have the most current.

    When taking images with the camera, these settings are important:

    • Exposure compensation - Allows for the adjustment of the image brightness after the camera sets the exposure.
    • White Balance - Allows the adjustment of color tones if the image is not as expected.
    • Picture Profile - A menu for adjusting and changing content parameters that determine an image's characteristics. Refer to What is Picture Profile? for more information.
    • Creative Look - Allows the selection of different preset image "looks" that combine contrast, shadow, fade, saturation, sharpness, and other settings.

    Troubleshooting tips

    • Make sure the Picture Profile feature is Off
      • Press MENU Exposure/ColorColor/Tone Picture ProfileOff.
    • If the symptom does not improve even when Picture Profile is set to Off, follow these steps in order:
      1. Select SetupOperation CustomizeDifferent Set for Still/Mv. Add a checkmark to Picture Profile for independent settings and select OK.
      2. Select SetupOperation CustomizeDifferent Set for Still/Mv again. Remove the checkmark from Picture Profile for shared settings and select OK.
      3. Change Different Set for Still/Mv to your desired setting.