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What is a LUT (Look Up Table) and how do I save, load, and select them for use on the camera?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    A Look Up Table (LUT) is a term used to describe the transformation of color values to your desired output values, or final footage. As a preset color setting for your video footage, LUTs provide:

    • A predetermined look for specific visual needs.
    • Decreases the time needed to color grade in post-production.
    • Reference points to develop unique filming styles.

    Since LUTs can be directly applied to your footage, this makes the grading process much faster and specific LUTs can transform footage to look like your favorite films and shows. Refer to the LUT Library article for more details.

    How to prepare to save, load, register, and select LUT files

    LUTs are downloadable from content providers and manufacturers such as Sony. You can register LUTs as User1 - User16 on the camera in addition to 3 pre-installed LUTs.

    1. Prepare the memory card and then load LUT files to your memory card

      1. On your computer, create the following folder paths on your compatible memory card:
        • For SD™ cards: /Private/Sony/PRO/LUT
        • For CFexpress cards: /Sony/PRO/LUT
      2. Download LUTs of your choice onto the computer.
      3. Drag and drop the LUT files (.cube format) into the PRO folder on the SD or CFexpress memory card.
    2. Register the LUT on the camera from the memory card

      1. Once LUTs have been loaded on the memory card and the card is placed in the camera:
        • Select MENUplus minus icon Exposure/ColorColor/ToneManage User LUTsImport/EditEdit.
      2. Select the user LUT area (User1 - User16) in which to register the data.
      3. Select the memory card on which the LUT file is stored.
      4. The LUTs loaded on the card should display. Select the LUT file you want to register and select OK.
      5. The file will be stored in the selected User slot.
    3. Select a LUT file on the camera

      1. Select the LUT to apply to movies from the 3 presets or up to 16 LUTs that you register:
        • Select MENUplus minus icon Exposure/ColorColor/ToneSelect LUT → desired setting.

    Refer to your camera Help Guide for additional information.