Article ID : 00191881 / Last Modified : 10/14/2021

The sound from my wireless speaker skips or breaks up when connected through Bluetooth

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Check the following if you experience skipping or cutting sound from your wireless speaker when it's connected to a Bluetooth® device or if you use the Speaker Add and Wireless Party Chain functions.

    • Move the device away from the following:
      • Areas where the wireless LAN access points were set up
      • Radios, TV, tuners, microwave ovens, and such other devices
    • Move the connected Bluetooth device close to the wireless speaker.
      • Walls, metal racks, or other objects may interfere with the connection between your wireless speaker and the source device.
    • Issues may occur if you're operating applications or accessing the settings on your mobile device. Stop the Bluetooth playback if you're performing these operations.
    • Try to restart your mobile devices, then reconnect to your wireless speaker through Bluetooth.

    If issues still occur after performing the steps above, check the following depending on your model to set the wireless playback quality to Priority on stable connection.

    Note: Priority on stable connection won't apply if you're using the Speaker Add or Wireless Party Chain function of the speaker.

    • SRS-XB20 / XB21 / XB22 / XB30 / XB31 / XB32 / XB40 / XB41

    • SRS-XB23 / XB33 / XB43

    • GTK-XB60 / XB90

    • SRS-XB12