Call the shots in your own movies. Sony’s advanced Action Cam turns biking adventure into spectacular action camera videos, with you as director and star.

Capture super-realistic biking movies

Show what real biking is all about. Spectacular trails, sweeping ramps. Thrilling jumps, flips, wheelies. Pick Action Cam accessories for secure mounting, steady footage, multi-cam views, remote control, and more to get the best POV shots as you ride. Capture every move with the bold realism of Sony’s 4K and HD images and stereo sound. Make fans feel like they’re in the saddle.

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Advanced tech for amazing biking footage

Make the most of Action Cam and accessories to turn biking experiences into striking movies. Keep your hands free and attention focused on riding with Live-View Remote. Use it to control recording, check angles, and operate up to five cameras at once. Track your course and speed with built-in GPS. And, rely on image stabilization to turn rough rides into smooth easy-to-watch footage.