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How to determine if the optical drive in the computer is a Blu-ray Disc optical disc drive.

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Follow any of the steps below to determine if the internal optical drive of the computer is a Blu-ray Disc® optical disc drive.

  • Check device manager.
    1. Open the Device Manager .
    2. In the Device Manager window, click the plus (+) next to DVD/CD ROM drives to expand the selection.
    3. If the computer has an internal Blu-ray Disc optical drive, BD will be listed in the optical drive description.

      Device Manager

  • Eject the optical drive tray and look at the configuration of the lasers. If two optical laser emitters are present, the computer has an internal Blu-ray Disc optical drive.

    optical drive tray

    NOTE: One laser is used for CD or DVD media and the other, blue laser is used for a Blu-ray Disc media.

  • Check the marketing specifications of the computer. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  • The InterVideo® WinDVD® BD or CyberLink® PowerDVD® applications are supplied on some VAIO® computers that include a Blu-ray Disc optical drive. The presence of either of these applications can be an indication that the computer has an internal Blu-ray Disc optical drive.

NOTE: If you purchased a Configure-To-Order (CTO) or Built-To-Order (BTO) compute, refer to the purchase order or receipt you received from the store to determine the type of optical drive included with your computer.