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Unable to view video or the image appears black & white when connecting a device to the Video 1 input connection.

    As part of normal operation, the TV may display no picture, a blank screen, a black and white picture or a picture without color when using the Video 1 input if the proper menu selection has not been made.


    As such, an appropriate Video/Component menu selection must be made to identify whether a composite cable or component cable is being used.

    • Composite Video cable:Image
    • Component Video cable:Image

    NOTE: When using a composite cable, connect the yellow video cable to the green VIDEO input and the red and white audio cables to the AUDIO inputs. Image

    Follow these steps to adjust the menu setting accordingly:

    1. Turn on the TV.
    2. Press the MENU button.
    3. Use the up arrow or down arrow to select Channel.
    4. Press the Control button. Image
    5. Use the up arrow or down arrow to select Video/Component 1. Image
    6. Press the Control button.
    7. According to the type of cable being used, select Video 1 or Component 1.
    8. Press the Control button.
    9. Press the MENU button to return to the normal operation of the TV.