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Some of the DLNA content is not showing or displayed on the Blu-ray Disc player.

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IMPORTANT: Not all Blu-ray® Disc players support DLNA® technology. Refer to the manual supplied with the device for model-specific information regarding whether or not your player supports DLNA. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

If some of the DLNA content does not display on the Blu-ray Disc player, follow these steps to restore the DLNA content:

  1. Using the supplied remote control, press Home button.
  2. Select Setup, then press the Enter button.
  3. Select Network Settings, then press the Enter button.
  4. Select Connection Server Settings, then press the Enter button.
  5. Press the Options button.
  6. Select Delete All Media Servers, then select Yes.
  7. Press the Options button.
  8. Select Update Server List.

Your DLNA content should now be restored and should be viewable on the Blu-ray Disc player. The following are possible reasons that certain files still cannot be played:

  • According to DLNA guidelines, the standard video format is mpeg2-PS.
  • Refer to the manual supplied with the Blu-ray Disc player for model-specific information regarding the type of codec an containers that can be played using DLNA on your device.
  • A music, movies and photos may contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) that is designed to prevent copy, may also prevent playback. Cinavia technology is an example of DRM that may be used.

Follow this additional information if you are still unable to play, stream, or throw media content using the DLNA feature.