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How to change the lamp assembly in the LCD projector.

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The lamp assembly can be changed by removing the cover and inserting a replacement lamp.


  • Ensure the unit has been turned off and unplugged for at least one hour.
  • Do not touch the glass surface of the lamp assembly.
  • Replace the lamp with the projector on a flat stable surface.
  1. Place the projector upside down so the bottom is visible.
  2. On the bottom of the projector, loosen the lamp assembly screw and remove the cover .
  3. NOTE: The lamp assembly cover is the solid cover located nearest to the handle .

  4. Remove the two screws holding the lamp assembly in place.
  5. While keeping the projector horizontal, using the lamp handle , pull the assembly straight up.
  6. Insert the new lamp assembly until it is securely in place.
  7. NOTE: The projector will not turn on if the lamp assembly is not properly secured .

  8. Replace and tighten the lamp assembly screws .
  9. Replace the lamp assembly cover and tighten the screw .
  10. Place the projector to back to the normal operating position.
  11. Connect the power cord to place the projector in standby mode.
  12. NOTES:

    • If the projector is not placed in standby mode it will not reset correctly.
    • Do not turn the projector on before resetting the lamp hours.
  13. On the control panel, press RESET + LEFT ARROW + RIGHT ARROW + ENTER .
  14. NOTE: The buttons must be pressed in the correct order and within five seconds each to properly reset the projector.