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How to reduce static or interference and improve poor radio reception on a clock radio.

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Refer to the following guidelines when troubleshooting poor radio reception and static interference:

NOTE: Refer to your owner's manual for model-specific information on the features and capabilities of your radio. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

  • Do not use the clock radio on a metal surface. Steel and metal surfaces may interfere with radio reception.
  • Move cellular telephones and two way radios away from the clock radio. Any device that transmits a radio signal can interfere with radio reception and cause static.

FM reception

  • The power cord functions as the FM antenna for the clock radio. Fully extend the power cord and set the FM ANTENNA selector to INT.
  • If your clock radio has the capability of connecting an external antenna, set the FM ANTENNA selector to EXT and connect a 75 ohm coaxial cable (not supplied) to the FM ANTENNA (75 Ω) jack.
  • You may be able to receive FM signals via cable from your cable television provider. Contact your cable provider for additional information.

AM reception

  • A ferrite bar antenna is built into the unit. Rotate the unit horizontally for optimum reception.