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There is no sound when playing a DVD or audio CD.

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Follow this procedure to troubleshoot no sound when playing a DVD or audio CD.

  1. Ensure the disc is inserted into the DVD player correctly.
  2. Ensure the audio cables from the DVD player are connected properly to the television or stereo receiver.

    NOTE: Audio from a Super Audio CD will only be output from the analog outputs of the DVD player.

  3. Ensure the television or stereo receiver is set to the correct input for the DVD player.
  4. Ensure the television or stereo receiver is not set to a MUTE or SPEAKER OFF setting.
  5. Ensure that the volume on the television or receiver is set to an audible level.
  6. Attempt to play a different disc in the DVD player.
  7. Try playing a different audio source through the television or receiver. Connect the DVD player to a different audio input on the television or receiver.
  8. Replace the connecting cables.

NOTE: If the issue is still unresolved after completing the troubleshooting steps, service may be required. Go to Product Repair.