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How to install a drive belt on the turntable.

    Follow this procedure to install the belt on the turntable.

    1. Lift up the Dust Cover and remove it from the turntable Base.
      Remove the Dust Cover
    2. Remove the Rubber Mat from the Platter.
      Turntable Components
    3. Lift the Platter straight up off the Spindle.
    4. Slip the Belt around the underside of the Platter.
      The Belt goes on the underside of the Platter

      IMPORTANT: Line up the Ribbon that is attached to the Belt with the square opening near the edge of the Platter.

    5. Place the Platter back on the Spindle.
    6. Spin the Platter so the square opening on the platter is over the Motor Pulley.
    7. Stretch the Belt over the Motor Pulley by pulling the attached Ribbon.
      Motor Pulley Details
    8. Remove the Ribbon from the Belt.
    9. Reinstall the Rubber Mat and the Dust Cover.