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What are the power and voltage requirements of VAIO products, and will they work outside the United States?

    WARNING: There is a risk of personal injury and hardware damage. Do not plug any Sony product into an electrical outlet that provides voltage higher than what is specified on the product label or operating instructions. Doing so could cause fire, electric shock, or result in damage to the product.

    The majority of Sony® computer monitors, VAIO® computers, notebook computer docking stations, Tablets and external CD/DVD drives support either 110/120 or 220/240 volts through the use of autoswitching power supplies.

    While many of the newer VAIO products also use an autoswitching power supply, most Desktop computer models manufactured before 2006 either did not have that feature, or utilized a manual voltage switch.

    Before attempting to plug any VAIO product into an electrical outlet in a country other than the United States, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product to determine the specific power and voltage requirements. Manuals are posted on your model support page.


    • A physical plug adapter may be needed in order to connect to the power outlets used in countries other than the United States.
    • A plug adapter does not change the voltage necessary for proper product operation. It only allows the power cord to fit properly into the electrical wall outlet.
    • A local electronics dealer can assist you with finding an appropriate plug adapter. Plug adapters may also be found at airports and duty-free shops.
    • Sony does not manufacture plug adapters.
    • Use this list to determine the electrical power system used in each country.