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Steps to Set the Time on the Clock Radio

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Setting the Time of the Clock Radio

  1. Plug the power cord of the clock radio into a working electrical outlet.
  2. On the clock radio, press and hold the CLOCK button for 2 seconds.
  3. Release the CLOCK button.
  4. Press the TIME SET+ or TIME SET- button to select the hour.
  5. Press the CLOCK button.
  6. Press the TIME SET+ or TIME SET- button to select the minute.
  7. Press the CLOCK button.

Although not displayed, the seconds will start counting from zero.


  • If no buttons are pressed for approximately one minute while setting the clock, the clock setting will be canceled.
  • This unit also has a calendar. When the date is set, the day of the week is automatically displayed as follows:
    MON Monday
    TUE Tuesday
    WED Wednesday
    THU Thursday
    FRI Friday
    SAT Saturday
    SUN Sunday

To display the year and the date, select either the SNOOZE/DATE/SLEEP OFF button on the clock radio or the SNOOZE button on the remote control, press the selected button once to display the date and then press once more for the year.