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Set Alarm on the Clock Radio

My Clock Radio’s alarm information was reset.

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Follow the steps below to set the alarm on the ICF-C1 Alarm Clock with FM/AM Radio.

Before You Start

Set the Alarm

  1. Switch the ALARM MODE to RADIO or BUZZ Radio or Buzzto set your desired alarm sound.
    • The alarm time appears for a few seconds and the Alarm ONicon appears on the display.
  2. Press SET ALARM TIME - or + button Set Alarm timerepeatedly to set your desired time.
    • Alarm ONicon flashes on the display while you set the alarm time.
    • After you set the alarm, the clock display returns after a few seconds and Alarm ONicon stays on.
    • At the set time, the radio turns on or the buzzer volume gradually increases.
      • Alarm ONicon flashes on the display.

Note: Don't disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet when you replace the battery. Otherwise, the current date, current time, and alarm will be erased.