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The Reader library software stops responding when trying to delete a file in the Library.

    If the eBook Library stops responding when attempting to delete a file from the library, the library database may be corrupt. It will be necessary to remove the existing database file to resolve this issue. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

    NOTE: If the eBook Library is still open and not responding, follow these steps to close the Reader (eBook) Library software:

    1. On the computer keyboard, simultaneously press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
    2. In the Windows Task Manager window, click the Processes tab.
    3. Under Image Name click eBook Library, then click the End Process button.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Content imported from other sources will be lost from the Reader. Verify that the original files are available to be re-imported into the software.

    1. On the computer, click the Start button, then click My Computer.
    2. In the My Computer window, in the Address field, type %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Sony Corporation\eBook Library\ and press Enter.
    3. In the eBook Library window, highlight the Database folder.
    4. On the keyboard, press Delete.
    5. In the Confirm Folder Delete window, click the Yes button.