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How to play High-Resolution Audio from a Walkman Player using the Hi-Res audio amplifier.

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You can enjoy playback of High-Resolution Audio from the following Walkman® players:

  • NWZ-ZX1
  • NW-ZX2
  • NW-ZF880 Series
  • NW-ZA10 Series


  • Connect a Walkman that supports a High-Resolution Audio to the (USB) port on the rear panel of the USB DAC AMPLIFIER.
  • If you use a High-Resolution Audio USB Adaptor, WM-PORT Cable (WMC-NWH10), this will output a High-Resolution content digitally.
  • Walkman devices that do not support High-Resolution Audio are not supported.
  • The Walkman is not charged when connected to the USB DAC AMPLIFIER using a High-Resolution Audio USB Adaptor WM-PORT Cable (WMC-NWH10).
  • When a Walkman is connected to the USB DAC AMPLIFIER, the playing time will be shorter, as compared to when it is not connected.


    [A] Walkman that supports High-Resolution Audio
    [B] WM-PORT (22 pin)
    [C] High-Resolution Audio USB Adaptor WM-PORT Cable (WMC-NWH10, not supplied)
    [D] USB cable (supplied)
    [E] Image(USB) port of the USB DAC AMPLIFIER