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Is My 4K Ultra HD TV Compatible With HDCP 2.2?

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HDCP 2.2 protocol support varies depending on your model. Check the chart below for the model number of your 4K Ultra HD TV to determine which of its HDMI® ports support the HDCP 2.2 protocol:

YearModel-seriesHDCP 2.2 HDMI input
2017XBR-xxX8xxEAll of the HDMI inputs
XBR-xxX9xxEAll of the HDMI inputs
XBR-xxAxEAll of the HDMI inputs
KD-xxX7xxEAll of the HDMI inputs
KD-xxX69xEAll of the HDMI inputs
2016XBR-xxXxxxDAll of the HDMI inputs
2015XBR-xxXxxxCAll of the HDMI inputs
2014XBR-xxXxxBHDMI 1 or HDMI 2
2013XBR-55/65X900AHDMI 4 (activation required)
2013XBR-55/65X850AHDMI 4 (activation required through software update)

Downloads are posted on your model support page.

2013XBR-84X900HDMI 2 (activation required)

An activation service is available for customers in the United States so that the XBR-xxX900A and XBR-84X900 TVs become HDCP 2.2 compatible. The activation provides support for 4K videos using the Video Unlimited 4K app through the 4K Ultra HD media player, or through other HDCP 2.2 devices.

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