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The mobile Bluetooth receiver is stuck in DEMO mode and the buttons are not working.

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To cancel, turn off or exit the DEMO mode, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the OFF button on the car stereo to display the clock.
  2. Press and hold the SELECT button for two seconds.
  3. After the Setup display appears, press the SELECT button repeatedly until DEMO appears.
  4. Rotate the CONTROL dial to select either DEMO-ON or DEMO-OFF.
  5. Press and hold the SELECT button. The setup is now complete and the display returns to normal play/reception mode.

NOTE: You also can turn DEMO mode on or off using the remote.

Additional steps if the DEMO mode still appears on the display of the car stereo and the buttons are not working after following the above steps

  1. Verify the that the Bluetooth® microphone is connected to the MIC input and not the REMOTE IN on the back of the Bluetooth car stereo.

    The image below shows an example of both connections. The Bluetooth microphone should be connected to red MIC input connection.

    MIC input


    • The REMOTE IN connection is used for manual steering wheel controls.
    • Remove any device connected to the REMOTE IN on the back of the Bluetooth car stereo to resolve this issue.
  2. If DEMO continues to appear after verifying that the connection is correct, make sure that the DEMO setting is disabled.

    1. Press MENU.
    2. Rotate the control dial to select DISPLAY.
    3. Press the control dial.
    4. Rotate the control dial to select DEMO.
    5. Press the control dial.
    6. Rotate the control dial to select DEMO OFF.
    7. Press the control dial.
    8. Press the back button twice to return to normal reception and play mode.