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Can E-Books from a Reader Store Be Transferred and Viewed on the Digital Paper System?

    Applicable Models

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    Does the Digital Paper System Support any PDF File?

    The Digital Paper System only supports PDF files that do not use Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection or other copyright protection.


    • E-books from a web site that use DRM protection, such as Amazon® Kindle™ e-book store, or Barnes & Noble™ e-book store, are not supported.
    • The Digital Paper System doesn't support the installation of exclusive e-Book applications for other reader devices.

    Transferring PDF Files from a computer

    Follow these steps to transfer PDF files from a computer to your Digital Paper System

    Note: The Digital Paper app needs to be installed on the computer to transfer PDF files to your Digital Paper. The Digital Paper App can be downloaded on the Sony Digital Paper App web page. Only PDF files can be transferred to the Digital Paper System.

    1. Connect the Digital Paper System to the computer.
    2. Launch the Digital Paper App on the computer.
    3. From the Digital Paper App window, click on Folders, and choose a destination folder for your PDFs.
    4. Drag, and drop the file(s) you want to copy to the destination folder on the Digital Paper App.