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Setup the Digital Paper System

    Video: Initialization and Digital Paper App Set Up

    Follow the steps below to connect your DPT-RP1 Digital Paper System to a computer:

    1. Power on your Digital Paper System.
    2. Set the stylus according to the instructions on the screen.
    3. Power on your computer.
    4. Connect your computer to the internet.
    5. On your computer, download the Digital Paper App from the Sony Digital Paper App web page.
    6. Install the Digital Paper App.
    7. Launch the Digital Paper App.
    8. Connect the supplied USB cable to the micro USB port of your device.
    9. Connect the other end of the supplied USB cable to the USB port of your computer.
    10. Follow the instructions on your device to complete connection or setup.
    • You can transfer document files between your device and your computer.
    • Always keep the Digital Paper App up-to-date.