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What is a difference between Digital Paper System and other e-Book reader devices?

    The following are some of the major differences between the Digital Paper System and a e-Book reader: 

    • The Digital Paper System has a large 13.3 plastic base screen, while most readers have a smaller glass based screen.
    • Since a reader is designed for reading books they generally feature a dictionary that works with uploaded books.
    • The 13.3 inches flexible e-paper panel, which is same layout and text size of paper document is designed to allow you to read and write PDF documends.
    • Since this flexible panel is consist of plastic base, this panel is light weight  when compared to the glass panel of a reader.
    • The plastic panel also eliminates parallax errors and offers smooth writing using the supplied stylus.
    • The Digital Paper System does not support third-party software for dowloading or transferring e-books.