Article ID : 00091053 / Last Modified : 03/26/2021

How to use the Self Diagnostics option

    The Self Diagnostics option briefly checks the TV for proper functionality by running two basic tests: Self Diagnostics, which runs an internal system self-check test, and the Check Sound/Picture test, which displays sample picture content and plays sample audio clip.

    Watch the video and follow the steps below to start the Self Diagnostics test. For further details on how to start the Self Diagnostics test, refer to the instructions guide that came with the TV.

    1. Using the TV remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Select ?/Help located on the upper-right corner on the TV screen.
    3. Select Customer Support.
    4. Select Self Diagnostics.

      Select Self Diagnostics

    5. Select Start Self Diagnostics.

      Start Self Diagnostics

    6. If no error is detected, select Check Picture/Sound to continue.

      Checking the Picture and Sound settings

    7. Select Start.

      Start button


      • The TV will display a sample picture content and play a sample audio clip.
      • The audio is played through the TVs built-in speakers. If sound is not heard, try adjusting the volume level up using the TV remote control.


    8. Once the test concludes you can restart the test or exit.


    If you did not observe any problems with the test pictures and sound, the TV is functioning correctly. If you are experiencing picture or audio issues while using an externally connected device, verify the physical cable connection between the TV and the device as well as the external device settings.