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Sound Cuts Out from the Digital Surround Wireless Headphones

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Follow the instructions below if the sound from the WH-L600 Digital Surround Wireless Headphones cuts out:

  • Make sure the battery of your headphones has enough charge.
  • Make sure there are no other wireless devices using the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency band or a microwave oven around the processor and headphones.
  • Switch GAIN on the processor to LO.
  • If you connect the headphones jack of the AV device to the AUDIO IN jack of the processor, decrease the volume on the connected device.
  • If there's an OPT terminal on the connected device, use an optical cable to connect the device to the headphones.
  • Set the output signal to 96 kHz on the device connected to the processor.
    • The headphones are compatible with 96 kHz.
    • Sound may be output for a moment when inputting a 192 kHz signal. This is a normal operation.