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Troubleshoot Problems with the Mobile Projector

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This article provides information on how to fix issues with the MP-CD1 Mobile Projector.

Power and Battery

Why does it take a long time to fully charge the built-in battery?

The power lamp lamp (white) and charge chargelamp (red) blink at the same time.

The chargechargelamp blinks red while the mobile projector supplies power to another device through the USB OUT jack.

Can't charge my mobile projector.

My mobile projector automatically shuts down during use.

Can't turn on my mobile projector.

My mobile projector freezes and won't respond.

Projecting an Image

Content from video on demand or streaming media doesn't project using Miracast® technology.

The image doesn't project when I connect the PlayStation®3 gaming console through HDMI® connection.

My mobile projector doesn't display the image from the connected device through HDMI connection.

Audio Adjustment

Can't adjust the volume when connected to an iPhone® cell phone or iPad® tablet.