Article ID : 00199648 / Last Modified : 10/01/2019

Information About the CarPlay and Android Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth

    This article provides general information about the XAV-AX5000 Apple CarPlay™ and Android™ Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth® technology.


    The car stereo doesn't recognize files from a connected USB device.

    The title of the track playing on the car stereo isn't highlighted on the list screen.

    The tracks from the same USB device are listed in different orders on USB1 and USB2.

    I can't play video or audio files from the USB device.


    I can't see the icon of my navigation app on the car stereo screen.

    CarPlay and Android Auto

    I can't connect CarPlay or Android Auto.

    The Bluetooth option of the car stereo is disabled if CarPlay is connected.


    I can't find the icons for my sources and the Settings icon on the car stereo.

    The car stereo is in Demo mode.