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Set Up Your Android TV for Internet Streaming

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Prepare Your TV

  1. Connect your Android TV™ device to the network.
  2. On your TV, log in with your Google™ account.

Open and Add Internet Streaming Apps

  • Open apps to stream audio and video programs to your TV.
    1. On the remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. On the Apps menu, select an app, such as the YouTube™ service.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions if sign-in instructions show up.
  • If needed, you can add apps from the Google Play store.

Enhance Your Viewing Experience

Select a Picture adjustment and Sound adjustment setting that suits the type of program you are watching.

  1. While viewing a program, press the ACTION MENU button on the remote control.
  2. Select the suitable Picture adjustment and Sound adjustment for the type of program you are watching.
    • Movies:
      • Set Picture mode to Cinema home.
      • Set Sound mode to Cinema.
    • Sports:
      • Set Picture mode to Sports.
      • Set Sound Mode to Sports.
      • Decrease Voice Zoom to reduce the volume of the commentators and increase the volume of sounds from the venue. For some programs, decreasing the Voice Zoom can provide an atmosphere similar to watching the event live.
    • For other programs, information about the Picture mode settings on your Android TV is available.