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An Error Your aibo has stopped working Appears on the My aibo App

    This may occur if your aibo™ robotic companion's temperature increases. The status LED flashes in red eight times, then goes to steady red light to indicate that aibo entered sleep mode, and then the error message appears in the My aibo app. If you see this error message, make sure not to press the power button because aibo automatically restarts when the temperature decreases.

    Note: aibo's temperature may increase if it tries to remember people's faces, or tries its best to respond to their voices simultaneously.

    If any of the following situations occur, follow the steps below to perform a forced shut off (power reset):

    • aibo doesn't go to sleep mode even though the status LED lights up to indicate a rise in temperature.
    • aibo doesn't go to sleep mode even though you briefly press the power button.
    • The status LED still keeps on flashing red eight times even after aibo recovers from sleep mode.
    • The notification Your aibo has stopped working keeps appearing.

    WARNING! Performing force shut off may cause loss of your data and settings.

    1. Place aibo on a flat surface.
    2. On the back of aibo's neck, press and hold the power button ten seconds or longer.

      Note: aibo will collapse if you perform this step. Make sure to support aibo to avoid any damage.

      Power Button

    3. Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn aibo on.
      • The status LED lights in green to indicate that it's turned on.
      • If the temperature is still high, aibo may take some time before moving. Don't press the power button during this period.

    If aibo starts to move normally, the condition was likely temporary.

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