Article ID : 00224189 / Last Modified : 02/03/2022Print

The Right Earbud Skips or Has No Sound

    The Left and Right earbuds of your WF-SP900 headphones lose connection with each other if they are separated by 25 centimeters (10 inches) or more. They automatically reconnect when they are closer together.

    If the Rightearbud skips or has no sound, insert both earbuds in the charging case and charge them for about 20-30 seconds. If the problem continues, follow the steps below. Check if your headphones work properly after performing each step.

    1. Fully charge the earbuds.
    2. Increase the volume of your headphones.
      • If you are listening to a Bluetooth® audio source, increase it's volume.
    3. Make sure that the connected device plays the audio track properly.
      • Try a different audio track.
    4. Press the restart button on the charging case with a pointed object, such as a pen or paper clip.

    5. Restart your headphones.

    6. Unpair your headphones from the audio source and then pair them again.
    7. If the issue still occurs, the headphones may require repair.  Go to Product Repair.