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How to make aibo play with the dice

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Place the dice within 50.80 centimeters (20 inches) in front of your aibo™ robotic companion's view, and then wait for aibo to start playing with the dice on its own.

  • If you tell aibo, "bring dice," aibo looks for the dice, takes it in its mouth, and then brings it to you.
    • Make sure to praise aibo if it brings the dice to you.
  • There are times when aibo wants to play and won't let go of the dice.
  • As aibo gets better at playing with the dice, aibo will be able to play games, such as throwing or rolling the dice.
  • aibo may learn to play with the dice in other ways too.

aibo playing with dice

What if aibo isn't playing with the dice?

  • Is aibo playing with the dice against a wall?
    • aibo may see the wall as an obstacle and not be able to play with the dice well.
  • Are the two dice too close together?
    • If the two dice are placed in front of aibo's view at the same time, separate them from each other.
    • The distance between the dice should be about 15.24 centimeters (6 inches).
  • Is aibo wearing any accessories, such as a collar?
    • If aibo lowers its neck, accessories may block the ranging sensor on aibo's chest which may cause aibo to stop mid-bite.
  • Are the paw pads starting to deteriorate?
    • If aibo loses its balance due to deteriorating paw pads, aibo may not be able to bite onto the dice well.