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List of Accessibility functions and options

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The following table lists the available options for each accessibility function.

    Accessibility shortcutTalkBack, Text magnification, Screen reader
    Screen ReaderSpeech rate: 9 levels
    Voice searchVoice search applies to apps, TV programs, and videos
    Audio Description or Video DescriptionTurn Audio Description on or off.
    Text MagnificationColor: 3 combinations
    Duration: 4 choices
    On timerDay: Every day, Every Monday to Friday, Day, Weekly
    Time: Duration: 1 hour to 23 hours
    Input: broadcast and external inputs
    Channel: Available when Channel is selected in Input
    Volume level when the TV is turned on

    Closed Captions:
    Cable/Antenna Digital

    Character size: Small, Standard, Large
    Character style: 8 choices
    Character color: 9 choices
    Character opacity: Solid, Flashing, or Translucent
    Edge type: 6 choices
    Edge color: 8 choices
    Background color: 9 choices
    Background opacity: Solid, Flashing, Translucent
    Window color: 9 choices
    Window opacity: Solid, Translucent
    Closed Captions:
    Streaming & other content
    Text size: 5 choices
    Font: 9 choices
    Text color: 8 choices
    Text opacity: 4 choices
    Edge type: 5 choices
    Edge color: 8 choices
    Background color: 8 choices
    Background opacity: 4 choices
    Window color: 8 choices
    Window opacity: 4 choices
    TV remote control designed for tabletop useThe remote is designed to be stable on flat surfaces so that you can press a button accurately with one finger.
    Tactile dots on a remote controlTactile dots are on the following buttons: PLAY, AUDIO, numerical 5, and Channel Up