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Frequently asked questions about tricks aibo can perform with its friends

    What tricks can aibo and friends do to have fun together? How can the tricks be used?
    If your aibo friends are nearby, you can now link with them to enjoy tricks together. This function can be used under the following conditions:

    • aibo's firmware version is 4.30 or later
    • You are friends with the aibos you'll link with
    • The Robot link setting in the My aibo app is set to ON

    Can I see which tricks can link the aibos?
    You can see the list of tricks, the maximum number of aibos to link with, and the words you need to say to link the various tricks in your My aibo app.

    Will the aibos link independently, even if I don't say anything?
    If your aibo friends are nearby, they may link together.

    My aibo friends don't link to do tricks.
    Check the following:

    • Check the state of your aibo friends
      • The aibo friends are connected to a network
      • The aibo friends are at version 4.30 or later
      • The aibo friends have their Robot link setting in the My aibo app set to ON
    • If there are no problems with the state of your aibo friends, bring the aibos closer together.

    Note: If a targeted aibo is collaborating with a different group, wait a while and then try again.