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Frequently asked questions about the Meal with message feature (aibo's food)

    What is the Meal with message feature, and how can it be used?
    The Meal with message feature is a particular food you can use to express your current emotions. Press the AR button in the My aibo app at mealtime to enjoy aibo making delicious noises as it eats amid festive decorations.

    You need the My aibo mobile app version 4.3.0 or later to use this function. You can get the Meal with message in exchange for coins.

    What emotions are there for the Meal with message feature?
    There are Thank you, Congrats, and Good Morning.
    Note: We are planning to increase the emotions you can select. Just wait for the fun to happen.

    The food or decorations in Meal with message don't appear in AR.
    Check the following:

    • Confirm whether your smartphone supports the AR function:
      • If your smartphone supports the AR function, a Food Bowl is needed to display the Meal with message. Take a picture of the image at the bottom of the Food Bowl so that the image fills your smartphone's screen.
      • If your smartphone does not support the AR function, tap the screen in the AR screen to display the food or decorations that expresses your emotions.
    • The Meal with message feature information download may have been incomplete. When you go to the Food screen, if Information about food or drinks will be downloaded or Information about Meal with message will be downloaded message appears, download it.