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I don't hear sound, the volume is low, or my OTC hearing aids suddenly stopped working

    If you have previously completed the setup and the hearing aid profile check successfully, it is important to note that this issue is not related to your phone or the Sony | Hearing Control app.

    No sound or low volume issues are usually caused by wax build-up or a battery issue. Use this article to troubleshoot these concerns with your OTC hearing aids:

    • Hearing aid isn't working.
    • Hearing aid feels like an earplug.
    • No sound coming from the hearing aid.
    • Hearing aid is not amplifying.
    • Hearing aid sounds weak or lower in volume than usual.
    • I hear the start-up jingle for the check battery tone, but nothing else after that.
    • The hearing aid was working but all of a sudden, it stopped working.

    Check the battery and click sleeves

    Follow these steps and check if the issue is resolved after completing each step.

    1. Check the battery:
      • For the CRE-C10: Replace the battery.
      • For the CRE-E10: Make sure the battery is fully charged.
    2. Check for wax build-up on the outside of the click sleeves:
      • Use the supplied brush or cleaning cloth to loosen wax build-up or other debris from the tiny holes at the tip of the click sleeve.
        Note: Refer to the article How do I clean my OTC hearing aids for details.
    3. Remove the click sleeve and look for wax inside it.
      • Clean it out or use a new click sleeve.

    Check the wax guards

    A clogged wax guard can prevent sound from coming out of your hearing aid, which could be why it sounds weak or isn't working. Use the cleaning brush or cloth to remove wax buildup. 

    You should change the wax guards if your volume still seems low or if you still see visible wax accumulation after cleaning it. Refer to the article on how to change the wax guards in the OTC hearing aids for details.


    If the issue still occurs or you need additional assistance, please contact our Product Support team.