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Perform a soft reset on your tablet

    There are two ways to reset your Xperia™ tablet:

    • A soft reset closes all open apps, stops all active processes and restarts the tablet
    • A factory data reset or hard reset erases all user data from the internal storage, including Google and email accounts, system and application settings, and dowloaded applications and books.

    Follow the steps below or watch the video tutorial to learn how to perform a soft reset.

    Perform a soft reset

    1. Press the RESET button on the right side of your tablet with a pointed object such as a paperclip.

      location of the RESET button to the left of the volume buttons

      • If you press the RESET button properly, the LED indicator blinks red two times and your tablet will turn off.
    2. Press the button to turn on your tablet and complete the soft reset procedure.

    Note: Many of the issues you encounter on your tablet can be solved with a soft reset. If the problem is persistent, perform a factory data reset.