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What are the +CMS ERROR codes?

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The following is a list of +CMS ERROR: (error code) errors when attempting to access the EDGE module with a terminal application.

NOTE: The +CMS ERROR indicates an error related to a mobile equipment or network. If the error is the result code for any of the commands in a command line, none of the following commands in the same command line are executed. (Neither ERROR nor OK will be returned.) An error is returned normally when the error is related to syntax or invalid parameters.

Error Code Error Description
0 through 127 GSM 04.11 [14] Annex E-2 values
128 through 255 GSM 03.40[9] subclause values
300 ME failure
301 SMS service of ME reserved
302 operation not allowed
303 operation not supported
304 invalid PDU mode parameter
305 invalid text mode parameter
310 SIM not inserted
311 SIM PIN required
312 PH-SIM PIN required
313 SIM failure
314 SIM busy
315 SIM wrong
316 SIM PUK required
317 SIM PIN2 required
318 SIM PUK2 required
320 memory failure
321 invalid memory index
322 memory full
330 SMSC address unknown
331 no network service
332 network timeout
340 no +CNMA acknowledgement expected
500 unknown error