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Error: Cannot Connect to 4K Ultra HD Media Player. Please Refer to the Operating Instructions for 4K Media Player

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Before you start

    • Make sure that the TV has the latest system software version.
    • 4K service is currently only available in the United States.


    An error indicator determines the steps to resolve the issue. Follow the applicable steps below:

    • An active internet connection wasn't detected or the green NETWORK light indicator is off on the front of the 4K media player
      1. Disconnect LAN cable from the 4K media player.
      2. Reboot the router by unplugging it from the power source for 10 seconds.
      3. Wait until all the lights on the router are on. Reconnect the LAN cable to the 4K media player.
      4. If network light indicator is not on, test the LAN cable by connecting a computer.
        • Replace the LAN cable if it is not working or contact your internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance.
      5. After verifying that the internet connection is working, securely reconnect the LAN cable to the 4K media player.
    • The TV didn't detect an active internet connection.
    • A connected HDMI device is blocking the communication between the 4K TV and 4K media player.
      • Disconnect all other HDMI devices connected from the 4K TV.
      • If error no longer appears and 4K service is working:
        • Reconnect the HDMI devices one at a time to identify which device is causing the issue.
        • Replace the HDMI® cable with a recommended high-speed HDMI cable. High-speed HDMI cables are available from the Sony store.

          Please contact a local or online authorized retailer to purchase a Sony product.

          For customers in the United States:

        • Turn off the HDMI control of the connected device. Refer to the instructions manual supplied with the device. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • Make sure that the 4K media player and the 4K TV are connected to the same network
      • Check the default gateway of the 4K TV:
        1. Press the Home button on the supplied remote control.
        2. Select Settings.
        3. Select Network.
        4. Select Network Setup.
        5. Select View Network settings and status.
      • Connect the LAN cable that's connected to the 4K media player to the 4K TV or computer to obtain the default gateway.
        1. Devices that are connected to the same network have the same default gateway.
        2.  If both 4K TV and 4K media player has the same default gateway, the router may be blocking the communication between the two 4K devices. Replace the router or add a second router

    The image below is an example of how the media player should be connected to the 4K Ultra HD TV:
    4K Ultra HD media player hook up