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The Stylus for My Digital Paper System Doesn't Work

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The writing functionality of the stylus (pen) for the Digital Paper System is disabled if the tip is pressed while connecting the USB cable to charge it. To re-enable functionality, reconnect then disconnect the stylus to the USB cable without pressing the tip.

    Make sure that your stylus is fully charged for optimal performance. You may experience slowness or lag during handwriting or annotations if it isn't sufficiently charged.


    • Charging time is up to three hours using a USB connection to an active computer or to an AC adapter, such as a smartphone charger.
    • The red indicator turns off when the stylus is fully charged.
    • The average estimated battery life or usage time is approximately one month (based on writing usage of 60 minutes per day).

    Other Things to Check

    If the issue still occurs, additional troubleshooting is available. Check if the stylus works after each step.

    1. Re-calibrate the stylus (pen).
      1. On your device, press the Home Home button button.
      2. Tap Settings.
      3. Tap System Settings.
      4. Select Pen Calibration.
        1. Select the variation that most resembles your own grip from the four variations displayed on how to hold the pen, then select Next.
        2. Use the pen to trace the dotted lines as you would normally write.
        3. Tap Next.
        4. Tap the arrows that point up, down, left, and right to move the line that you drew and align it with the dotted line.
        5. Tap Next when the lines are in basically the same position.
          • The confirmation screen is displayed.
        6. Trace the dotted line again, as you did in step 2.
          • If the line that you drew appears displaced, tap Recalibrate to return to the previous screen. The line that you drew on the confirmation screen will be displayed, so correct the placement again, as you did in step 4. After you finish correcting the position, tap Next, and trace the dotted line on the confirmation screen again.
        7. Tap Save when the dotted line and the line that you drew appear to line up.
    2. Initialize your device to factory default settings.

      WARNING! All files will be deleted. Back up important data on your computer.

      1. Press the Home Home button button.
      2. Tap Settings.
      3. Tap System Settings.
      4. Tap Initialize Digital Paper.